What Are Your Options When Your Child Loses a Permanent Tooth?

What Are Your Options When Your Child Loses a Permanent Tooth?

Jun 03, 2021

Your child loses a permanent tooth due to trauma or congenital reasons. If the child is a teenager, they will be pressing you for replacements to fill the blank space in their mouth. They may overwhelm you with their demands compelling you to visit the kid’s dentist near you with them inquiring about solutions.

The pediatric dentist in Colombia provides different solutions for teenagers to replace lost permanent teeth. They may also explain why you mustn’t leave the blank space in the teenager’s mouth open because the child soon becomes affected by the consequences of tooth loss.

Their remaining teeth start shifting towards the blank space left by the missing tooth to create a shift in their bite. Their teeth in the opposing jaws also begin moving upwards or downwards, creating malocclusion, leaving them with additional problems needing orthodontic treatments. The optimal method for you is to have the gap in the teenager’s mouth bridged with an excellent solution called dental bridges.

What Kind of Bridges Can You Consider?

Teenagers are self-conscious of their image, making it essential for you to let them have porcelain bridges. Different materials are used for making the artificial teeth in the dental bridge, but having one made from porcelain is optimal for your child as it blends in with their natural teeth.

Dr. Diana Jennings can offer you bridges made from gold or other materials, but your child will likely reject them because they are not appealing to the eye. If your child has lost a front tooth with two supporting teeth beside the gap, they receive a traditional dental bridge remaining fixed in their mouth. Conventional bridges are durable and non-removable tooth replacement solutions. Before dental implant technology took over the market for tooth replacements, dental bridges were the premier tooth replacement solution. Implants remain the most popular option because of their strength and durability. However, unless your child is an adolescent, implants are not a viable solution for them. Under the circumstances going by the advice of the pediatric dentists in Colombia to have dental bridges for your child’s tooth replacement requirement is an optimal option you can choose.

Is It Comfortable for Your Child to Undergo the Tooth Replacement Procedure?

Replacing a tooth is never a comfortable procedure for anyone, and teenagers are unlikely to display any bravado while having their teeth replaced. You, along with your child, must schedule multiple opponents with the kid’s dentist near you if you decide to adhere to the advice of the Columbia dentist.

The dental bridge procedure requires the Columbia dentist to reshape your child’s abutment teeth to support the Pontic flanked by dental crowns and affixed to the supporting teeth. Filing down the supporting teeth is essential to shape them to accommodate dental crowns. The procedure is uncomfortable, and your child will likely receive local anesthesia to ease their discomfort. The dentist reshapes the supporting teeth by filing the top and sides of the tooth, leaving stubs in place of healthy teeth.

The dentist takes impressions of the filed down supporting teeth and the gap between getting the porcelain dental bridge customized in a dental lab. Your child receives protection for their compromised teeth by way of temporary bridges.

Fabrication of the customized porcelain bridge requires a couple of weeks, after which you must schedule another appointment with the dentist. The second appointment is for dental bridge placement, beginning with the removal of temporary dental bridges. The dentist checks the fitting, shape, and color of the porcelain bridge to ensure it matches well with your child’s existing teeth. If all things are satisfactory, bonding of the porcelain bridge on your child’s mouth is completed by the dentist shortly. The dental bridge placement procedure is not uncomfortable, but if your child is anxious, they may again receive local anesthesia for comfort.

Getting porcelain bridges for your child will enhance their self-confidence, allowing them to smile without hesitation and perform all other activities they were doing before losing one of their pearly whites. Porcelain bridges are incredibly durable and last for over a decade with proper dental hygiene. The kid’s dentist near you provides appropriate instructions on caring for the porcelain bridge and your child’s dental health. Following the dentist’s advice proves beneficial because it helps your child retain excellent dental health and maintain their dental bridges for long.