Exams and Cleanings in Columbia, SC

When is the last time you took your child to the dentist? If it’s been a while, it might be time to go to the dentist. If your child has never been to the dentist and is over a year old, it’s a good idea to make an appointment. Biannual dental cleanings and exams are an essential part of dental hygiene.

If you are looking for dentists near you, contact We Care Pediatric Dentistry. Our dentists in Columbia, SC, would love to make sure your child has the necessary dental care.

How Often Should Children Go to the Dentist?

People of all ages should go to the dentist twice per year. These twice-yearly appointments are for a cleaning and exam to ensure your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy.

In some cases, our dentists might recommend that your child has more regular exams. Talk to one of our dentists if you have any questions.

If your child is experiencing any new symptoms or pain, it’s important to go to the dentist for a checkup. Abnormal symptoms can be a sign that something is wrong and requires dental care.

Do Babies Need to Go to the Dentist?

When you start taking your child to the dentist from a young age, they can get used to the experience and become less fearful about it. Pediatric dentistry can help children feel more comfortable at the dentist.

Children should start going to the dentist within six months of getting their first teeth. A child’s first trip to the dentist usually happens around the age of one.

Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

Taking your child to the dentist is an important part of maintaining their dental hygiene. The combination of exams and regular brushing and flossing can help to maintain your child’s smile.

When you help your child establish good dental hygiene habits at a young age, they can maintain those habits for life.

If your child is in need of an exam and cleaning, call We Care Pediatric Dentistry. Our friendly staff would love to help you schedule an appointment or discuss exams and cleanings near you.