Space Maintainers in Columbia, SC

Do you think your child needs space maintainers? Space maintainers are common, and many children get them. They are often used when kids lose their baby teeth early. They can also be used after a child has a tooth extraction.

At We Care Pediatric Dentistry, our dentists in Columbia, SC, may recommend a space maintainer for your child. Space maintainers can play an important role in your child’s dental health.

What Are Space Maintainers Used for?

Space maintainers make a space for adult teeth to grow into. When kids lose their teeth too early, the muscles in the jawbone can be lost. This happens if a child’s adult teeth aren’t ready to come in.

When this happens, there can be issues later on. The incoming adult teeth may shift. Baby teeth may tilt as well. Then, this leads to poor alignment and positioning. To combat this, a space maintainer holds the space.

How to Know If a Space Maintainer is Needed

Our dentists near you can tell you if your child needs a space maintainer. While space maintainers are used when a child loses a tooth early, not all children who lose their teeth early need them. During an exam, our dentists can determine what your child needs.

Are There Different Types of Space Maintainers?

There are a couple of space maintainers our dentists may recommend for your child. One of our dentists will examine your child’s teeth and suggest the type of space maintainer that will work best for the situation.

The two main types of space maintainers include fixed and removable.

Fixed space maintainer types include unilateral, lingual, distal shoe, and crown and loop.

Removable space maintainers are made of acrylic. Artificial teeth can also be used as space maintainers.

Space maintainers are custom made, so they will fit your child’s mouth properly. Many children adjust to space maintainers within a few days.

If you think your child might need space maintainers, contact our dentists at We Care Pediatric Dentistry in Columbia, SC. Our dentists would be happy to help you learn more about space maintainers near you.