IV Sedation Dentistry in Columbia

At We Care Dental SC, we care about our patients, and that is why we offer IV sedation dentistry to keep our patients calm, relaxed, and comfortable as they undergo their treatments. The American Dental Association says that an estimated 22 percent of Americans skip dental appointments due to fear or anxiety. Avoiding dental visits increases the odds of having tooth loss, oral cancer, and severe dental infections.

What is IV Sedation Dentistry?

Intravenous or IV sedation involves administering an anti-anxiety drug into the blood through an IV line. It is sometimes called twilight or sleep dentistry. It is used in various situations, especially where a deeper form of sedation is required. IV sedation near you eliminates the ability to feel pain.

How Does it Work?

A dentist introduces a thin needle into your vein, usually on the arm or hand. The needle is attached to an IV tube that channels the sedative into your blood. The dentist may apply a numbing cream to the area where the needle pricks, especially if you fear needles.

You may be a little groggy once the procedure is completed. Having someone close to you or a family member is recommended to drive you home. Once you receive the sedative, you may fall asleep; therefore, you may not recall what happens during the treatment once you wake up.

Who is a Candidate?

You may require IV sedation dentistry near you if:

You are undergoing a lengthy procedure such as wisdom teeth removal, root canal therapy, or implant placement

You have a gag reflex

Require multiple procedures within one visit

Once you visit us, we will discuss your sedation option with you. IV sedation in Columbia is meant for every patient. You may need IV sedation or wisdom teeth extraction for a root canal near you.

Meet Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins at We Care Dental SC to find out what IV sedation is and whether you are a candidate. We will also discuss IV sedation dentistry costs, so you know what to expect.