Laughing Gas in Columbia, SC

If your child has fears about going to the dentist, laughing gas might be a good idea. Our dentists in Columbia offer laughing gas for children. Laughing gas can help children to feel more comfortable at the dentist.

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What is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas helps patients to relax while at the dentist so they can stay calm.

To give a child laughing gas, a dentist places a breathing mask over the nose. This gives the child the mixture of gases. It should begin working within a few minutes.

Who Needs Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is used for patients of all ages who have fears about going to the dentist. If a child is scared of the dentist, it can be difficult for our dentists to examine and clean the child’s teeth. Laughing gas relaxes the child so the dentists can provide proper care.

What is Laughing Gas Used for?

Laughing gas has several different purposes. It can be used to help our dentists clean your child’s teeth with ease or to fill cavities. Laughing gas can be used for any dental procedure.

In addition to laughing gas, a local anesthetic may need to be used to help with any pain. This depends on the procedure that is being done.

Is Laughing Gas Safe for Children?

Laughing gas is safe for children and adults. One of the main reasons that laughing gas is so safe is that it doesn’t have lasting side effects. Once the breathing mask is removed, any symptoms of laughing gas wear off.

There are other types of sedation dentistry, but laughing gas is the safest, easiest option for children. If you are interested in something other than laughing gas, talk to our dentists about your options.

Our dentists near you are committed to keeping your children safe and healthy. For more information about laughing gas near you, contact We Care Pediatric Dentistry today. Our friendly team is here to help.