Dental Sealants in Columbia, SC

Have you heard of dental sealants? Do you want to know if they might be right for your child? Dental sealants are an important part of preventive dentistry. Our dentists near you offer sealants for people of all ages. To learn more about sealants near you, talk to our dentists in Columbia, SC.

What Are Sealants?

Sealants are applied to your child’s teeth for preventive purposes. Sealants help to prevent damage and decay over time.

The sealant material is a thin, plastic-like coating. It’s applied to the tops of the bottom molars and the bottoms of the top molars, which are known as chewing surfaces.

The application process is simple. The teeth are kept clean and dry throughout the brief procedure. An acid solution is applied to the teeth, which helps the sealant material to adhere to the teeth.

Once the sealant material is painted onto your child’s teeth, it must dry. Then, the teeth are rinsed and dried.

Dental sealants last for up to 10 years. Our dentists near you would be happy to tell you more about sealants and how to make them last as long as possible.

Benefits of Sealants

Because sealants can prevent damage and decay, they can stop cavities and other common dental issues. This allows your child to have a healthier smile and fewer trips to the dentist for different dental problems.

As mentioned, the process of getting sealants is quick and easy. Getting sealants is simpler than having cavities filled or other major dental procedures.

Who Are Sealants for?

People of all ages can get sealants. Our team at We Care Pediatric Dentistry offers sealants in Columbia, SC, for children.

Sealants are most often recommended for children, as children are more susceptible to cavities. Because they are preventive, anyone can benefit from sealants. If you’re someone who gets frequent cavities, sealants are worth considering.

Do you think sealants are a good fit for your child? If you would like to learn more about sealants, contact our dentists near you at We Care Pediatric Dentistry. Our staff would be happy to help you schedule an appointment or tell you more about sealants in Columbia, SC.