Porcelain Bridges in Columbia, SC

Do you have a gap or space between your teeth that leave you embarrassed to smile? Thanks to our porcelain bridges, you can enjoy a full, complete smile that lasts a lifetime. Here at We Care Dental in Columbia, SC, your oral health and hygiene are important to us. That’s why we specialize in a wide range of cosmetic treatment options for our patients.

We want everyone to have access to the best care in Columbia. When you choose us for your dental needs, you have talented and experienced dentists near you who care about the health and safety of your teeth.

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What Is It?

Porcelain bridges are artificial teeth that serve to fill in large gaps or spaces between your real teeth. Thanks to their incredible durability, porcelain bridges look and feel just like natural teeth. Our dentists secure your porcelain bridges in place with a bonding cement. Once in place, porcelain crowns are applied to leave your teeth looking their best.

Because of the process we use, your porcelain bridges are meant to be a permanent treatment option. Once they are securely in place, they will remain there for the rest of your life. You no longer have to worry about dental concerns related to cavities or tooth decay.

However, you should continue your daily brushing and flossing regimen to ensure that the rest of your teeth stay healthy and strong.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Most porcelain bridges take only a few days. After making a custom mold of your mouth and teeth, we carefully build your new bridges and crowns to ensure that your new teeth look and function their very best.

Do you want to transform your smile with porcelain bridges? Call We Care Dental today so we can get you in to meet our dentists. We will examine your teeth and help you determine the right treatment for your needs.