Extractions in Columbia, SC

If your child has a damaged or infected tooth, our dentists in Columbia, SC, will work to preserve the tooth. Our dentists try to save teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in every situation. Sometimes, an extraction is needed.

Extractions are common, and dentists extract teeth for a variety of reasons. Dentists perform extractions every day for people of all ages.

Our friendly team of dentists at We Care Pediatric Dentistry can tell you more about extractions near you.

Why Are Extractions Needed?

Dentists work hard to treat damaged and infected teeth. Some cases call for an extraction. There are several reasons why an extraction may be needed.

Crowding: If your child’s teeth are crowding, an extraction may be needed. Crowding leads to alignment and positioning issues. To treat this problem, extractions can be done to create more space.

Commonly, people get their wisdom teeth extracted to prevent crowding. Dentists often recommend extractions prior to someone getting braces.

Dental abscesses: Dental abscesses occur as a result of the tooth root and tissue being infected. The typical treatment is a root canal. In some cases, a root canal doesn’t work, so an extraction can be done instead.

Tooth decay and tooth damage can result in an extraction. Dental fillings are often used for tooth decay, but fillings may not be enough in some cases.

How Are Tooth Extractions Done?

If your child is having a tooth extracted, you likely want to know what to expect. Our dentists near you would be happy to answer any questions you have about extractions near you.

A local anesthetic is used to keep your child comfortable. Then, the gum and tissue are removed by one of our dentists. This can be done in a single piece or multiple pieces. Impacted teeth are difficult to remove.

Our dentists at We Care Pediatric Dentistry will give you recovery instructions after the extraction. This is a common procedure, and recovery goes smoothly in most cases.

Contact our dentists as soon as possible if you have concerns about the procedure.

To learn more about extractions near you, contact our dentists in Columbia.