Night Guards in Columbia, SC

Do you get headaches in the middle of the night or have trouble sleeping because of jaw pain? You may suffer from bruxism, more commonly known as grinding your teeth. Many people do this in their sleep, leading to pain and discomfort. When you visit We Care Dental in Columbia, SC, our dentists can help you restore your sleep schedule and reduce the symptoms of teeth grinding.

By addressing your bruxism now, you can get the relief you need to restore your quality of life. Our dentists use custom-made night guards to remedy your grinding and prevent jaw pain.

It is important to seek a dental professional if your grinding persists. If left untreated, you could damage your teeth and develop further health complications. We encourage you to contact our office so we can schedule you to meet Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins.

What Is a Night Guard?

Night guards are special dental appliances that look similar to the mouth guards that many athletes use in sports. However, night guards differ in that they are specially made just for your mouth and teeth.

When you come in for treatment, our dentists make custom molds of your mouth. These molds are then sent to a technician who carefully creates your night guards. Once complete, you can look forward to a safe and comfortable fit that complements your sleep.

Thanks to their soft and flexible construction, night guards are incredibly comfortable to wear. You are sure to get a better night’s rest when you wear these special devices.

Dangers of Bruxism

Consistent grinding can cause your tooth enamel to wear down, leaving your teeth thin and weak. As such, they will be susceptible to breakage. If too much damage occurs, your teeth can break off and result in tooth loss.

Your gums can also become affected. Grinding and clenching may cause your gum line to recede, resulting in further damage to your teeth.

Don’t suffer another night. Call We Care Dental right away so we can help protect your teeth and restore your sleep schedule to normal.