Porcelain Bridges Help Replace Missing Permanent Teeth in Children

Porcelain Bridges Help Replace Missing Permanent Teeth in Children

Aug 01, 2021

Children can lose their permanent teeth because of congenital reasons, trauma, or altercations with friends or competitors in school. Parents may desire to fill the gap in the child’s mouth to ensure they don’t have to endure the consequences of missing teeth. If your child is confronting a similar situation, instead of expressing concern, you help yourself by contacting the pediatric dentist near you, providing porcelain Bridges to replace the missing tooth.

Missing teeth can cause unnecessary problems beginning from challenges when eating and speaking, poor nutrition, and a lack of confidence. Dental bridges are popular among adults and are also used by many in the country. Advances in dentistry now make available these prostheses even for children who may lose a tooth or two when involved in contact sports, biking, or any other activity.

Getting the missing tooth replaced is a priority that you cannot overlook, especially if you don’t want your child to encounter the consequences of tooth loss. You must look for a dentist providing a replacement needed by your child to maintain their oral health in excellent condition.

Why Consider Porcelain Bridges and Not Other Alternatives?

If you want your children’s teeth to look natural in their mouths, porcelain is the best material you can choose because of its transparency. Porcelain Bridges from the kids’ dentist in Colombia aren’t likely to stain and are durable. Children with their habits of having colored foods and beverages are likely to develop stains on their teeth needing whitening treatments from dentists. When you invest in porcelain Bridges for your child, you give them a long-lasting replacement for the missing tooth.

Porcelain Bridges from the pediatric dentist in Colombia, SC, rely on the healthy teeth neighboring the gap left by the missing teeth. The artificial replacement tooth is called a Pontic, and the neighboring teeth are called abutments. The artificial tooth is attached to the abutments after they are reshaped to accommodate dental crowns also made from porcelain.

Which Replacement Options Are Offered by Dentists for Children?

The Columbia dentist may offer various options to replace missing teeth with removable dentures or dental implants.

Removable dentures are made from acrylic or plastic fitted onto a gum-colored base or have clasps to bind to the neighboring teeth. However, dentures are not favored as a reliable method for tooth replacement unless your situation doesn’t permit other options.

Dental implants are another option offered by most dentists as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. However, the process to get them is lengthy and requires substantial investment besides multiple visits to dentist’s offices.

If you don’t want to invest in dentures or dental implants, the best method to get replacement teeth for your child in a couple of visits to the kids’ dentist near you is to choose porcelain Bridges over other replacement options.

The kids’ dentist in your locality will convince you porcelain Bridges are indeed suitable with all the features they have to match your child’s remaining teeth and help them close the gap they are currently displaying between their teeth.

What Is the Procedure When Getting Porcelain Bridges?

Whether you get porcelain Bridges for yourself or your child, the procedure does not change. If your child has one missing tooth, the bridgework needed covers three crowns. The two natural teeth beside the gap need dental crowns after they are reshaped to accommodate the abutments. The artificial tooth fits between the two abutment teeth.

The procedure when getting porcelain Bridges is uncomfortable, but the kids’ dentist provides anesthesia to your child to ensure they can proceed with the placement without causing anxiousness. After reshaping the child’s teeth, the dentist takes impressions of the teeth to have the porcelain Bridges are customized for your child in dental laboratories. Your child receives temporary bridges to protect the reshaped teeth in the meanwhile.

You must revisit the dentist with your child for dental bridge placement. During the second appointment, the dentist removes the temporary bridges for placement of the new permanent porcelain Bridges in your child’s mouth to give them back their smile and functionality of the mouth.

Dentists provide adequate after-care instructions after dental bridge placement. You must ensure your child follows the instructions diligently and does not allow plaque buildup to develop beneath the bridges. It can cause infections and need more dental visits for treatments.

Children with missing teeth are better not ignored and must receive treatment to replace their teeth from a pediatric dentist providing porcelain Bridges.