Dental Fillings: All You Need to Know Before Getting Them

Dental Fillings: All You Need to Know Before Getting Them

Sep 02, 2021

Did you know that at least 92 percent of American adults aged between 20 and 64 have had a cavity at least once? Dental cavities are a common complaint among all people, both children, and adults. Fortunately, with dental fillings near you, you can repair and restore the function of the teeth.

What Are Fillings and How Can You Tell You Need Them?

Dental fillings are restorations used to restore the integrity, function, and structure of missing teeth. Cavities are the primary reason why a dentist may recommend dental fillings. However, you may also need teeth filings if you have a dental trauma that affects the teeth.

Several signs indicate you need a dental filling, such as tooth sensitivity, ongoing toothache, and a hole in your teeth. Teeth discoloration or stain is also a sign that your teeth are damaged and need treatment.

What Are the Available Options?

Teeth fillings come in different materials, and the dentist will choose the suitable option based on the location of the teeth, cost, and the extent of the damage. The different options include:

  • Amalgams or silver fillings are a combination of mercury, silver, copper, and tin. The material is durable more affordable than the rest. Some people, however, have a few concerns about the mercury content. But, the ADA has reported that the fillings are not harmful (although they are being phased out).
  • Composite fillings are a mix of quartz materials or glass and resin. The fillings can be crafted to match your teeth, and they are durable and more affordable than silver or metal.
  • Glass ionomer fillings are tooth-colored but less durable than the composite versions. They are made of acrylic and glass that contains fluoride, which makes them more ideal for children.
  • Gold fillings are made of a mix of gold, copper, and other materials. They are made at the lab using an impression of your teeth.Porcelain fillings are as expensive as metal fillings and are also made in the lab. However, they are natural-looking and can be applied to any tooth in the front or back.

Are Dental Fillings Recommended for Children?

Yes. Dental fillings are a common procedure for children and toddlers with cavities. They can be used on either the permanent teeth to protect them from further damage.

A pediatric dentist near you will use composite or non-toxic fillings. These fillings resemble the natural teeth, and so they are not visible.

The teeth fillings can also be applied to the baby teeth. Although they will eventually fall out, they need protecting. This is because if the teeth fall, they will cause the teeth to come out crooked.

It is vital to work with a pediatric dentist in Columbia to ensure the permanent teeth come out in proper alignment.

What Happens When the Fillings Get Damaged?

Over time, the fillings can break and wear out, and this can cause them to get damaged. Hard and sticky foods like hard candies and nuts can cause tooth-colored teeth to get damaged.

Other factors, like using the teeth like tools and poor dental hygiene can cause the teeth to loosen. People who suffer from bruxism can cause the fillings to break and get out of place.

Broken fillings may not be a problem, but if you experience pain, you may need emergency dental in Columbia, SC. This is because the cracked fillings expose the tissue and may cause sensitivity.

What Can You Expect During the Filing Procedure?

The dentist will begin the process with an examination to check the extent of the decay. Next, Dr. Amy Ellis Green DMD will choose the best filling for the teeth. She will drill the teeth with air abrasion, laser, drill to remove the decayed area.

The area is then tested to check if the decay has been removed. The dentist will fill the tooth with the selected filling and the teeth polished.

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