How Do Dental Implants Help Your Child With a Broken Tooth?

How Do Dental Implants Help Your Child With a Broken Tooth?

Jun 01, 2022

Preventive care is the primary goal in pediatric dentistry. Every pediatric dentist near you offers a variety of treatments to ensure good dental health for children. However, kids can still damage or break their teeth due to dental trauma or decay. When this happens, the tooth must be restored, whether it is a permanent or primary tooth.

Restoring the tooth restores functionality and promotes good oral health. Pediatric dental restorations focus on improving aesthetics and preventing damage to other teeth. Primary teeth cannot be replaced in a similar method to permanent teeth. Placing something in the jawline will prevent the eruption of the permanent tooth. Instead, fixed space maintainers are used.

They hold the space for the prematurely lost tooth until the permanent tooth erupts. If a child has a broken permanent tooth, the dentist may recommend fillings or crowns to restore it. Removable partial dentures, dental bridges, and braces with artificial teeth are also used. However, these methods have their drawbacks.

For example, partial dentures increase the risk of decay and gum infection. If the child cannot maintain proper oral hygiene, the chances increase. They also lead to bone re-absorption and require frequent replacements. Fortunately, the pediatric dentist in Columbia offers an ideal tooth restoring alternative. Read on to learn about pediatric dental implants.

Pediatric Dental Implants

You have probably heard that dental implants are not recommended for children. Some people argue that the titanium posts and artificial crowns are unsafe for kids. Although both are valid concerns, they are founded on myths. Titanium implants and crowns are safe, sturdy, and do not harm your child. They are made from materials approved by the board of dental health experts.

Another deterring factor people cite for placing implants in children is age. They argue that you have to wait until a certain age for jaw growth and development to stop. However, a person’s chronological age is not a correct indicator that growth has stopped. Their mouth can still be growing and changing in early adulthood. So, the argument is not valid.

It is possible to achieve successful dental implant treatment for kids. The implant dentists in Columbia, SC, offer dental implant surgery for kids and adults. They accomplish this because they have attained the design and type of implant system to make the treatment successful for children.

These experts incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment plans. Since they take a long time to formulate, the dentist monitors the child from a young age. The dental professionals consider factors that determine the success of the treatment. These include growth assessment, present dentition, amount of alveolar bone, and the residual space teeth in the jaw arch.

Systematic planning of treatment improves the chances of pediatric implant placement. Unfortunately, the treatment takes a long time for kids than for adults. Yet, the desired functional and esthetic results are achieved. However, the treatment must be performed by a team of highly trained and experienced pediatric dentists in Columbia.

Benefits of Implants for Kids

  1. They restore the mouth’s function to chew, drink, bite and speak.
  2. Implants improve a child’s psychosocial development affected by tooth loss or damage. They restore their social acceptability and confidence.
  3. They improve the child’s smile and facial appearance by giving excellent aesthetics.
  4. Dental implants are easy to maintain compared to dentures which need to be removed and cleaned regularly.
  5. They preserve the alveolar bone and prevent bone re-absorption.
  6. Getting dental implants near you promotes good oral health.

Finding the Right Dentists for Placement of Pediatric Dental Implants

Restore your child’s damaged or missing tooth using an ideal mode of treatment, dental implants. Contact the highly skilled and professional team at We Care Dental, led by Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins. Our pediatric dentistry team makes each visit a fun experience for your child. They provide a safe, positive and fun environment to help kids maintain good oral health.

Apart from pediatric dentistry, we also offer general dentistry and orthodontics. Our fantastic and talented team of experts, including Dr. Diana Jennings, is family-focused. Their practice is focused on values such as quality patient care and exemplary dental services. So, book an appointment to begin the journey of successful implant placement in your child.