Implants in Columbia, SC

Implants are a permanent dental option that serves to replace your missing teeth while improving your quality of life. If you are interested in finding implants near you, we encourage you to contact the experts at We Care Dental in Columbia, SC. Our dentists specialize in helping patients overcome their dental issues with our extensive treatment options.

When you visit We Care Dental, you have highly-accomplished dentists near you who can provide you with the smile of your dreams. Thanks to dental implants, you can look forward to an attractive smile that lasts a lifetime.

If you are ready to meet Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins, we invite you to call We Care Dental today so we can schedule you for an appointment. We proudly serve the Columbia area, as well as all surrounding areas. Feel free to bring in your whole family for the dental care and attention they need.

What Is It?

As a cosmetic dental procedure, implants restore teeth that are missing or damaged. When you visit We Care Dental for your implants, you will need to have at least two surgeries. At your first surgical procedure, our specialists will implant metal posts into your jawbone.

These posts will remain hidden under your gums until your second surgery. At this time, our dentists will uncover the metal posts and attach small extensions to them.

Finally, your new implants will be fastened permanently to the extensions, leaving you with a smile that is both beautiful and complete.

A healing process of 3 to 6 months is needed between the first and second surgery. After your second surgical procedure, however, the healing process is a lot faster. In just a few weeks, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of your new teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Since your new implanted teeth are synthetic, they will provide you with the best dental health and hygiene. As such, they can’t develop cavities or tooth decay.

With that being said, we recommend continuing your regular brushing and flossing regimen. This will help your new implants remain strong and clean. With proper care, you can expect your implants to last a lifetime.