When Do Your Kids Need A Pediatric Emergency Dentist

When Do Your Kids Need A Pediatric Emergency Dentist

Jan 01, 2023

As a parent, it can be hard to know when your child needs to see a pediatric dentist near you. When your child has a toothache or other dental emergency, it’s important to ensure they get the treatment immediately. So how do you know if an injury or infection needs immediate attention?

What are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are not just about pain. They’re also about damage to the teeth and jaw, leading to more serious health problems.

Dental emergencies occur when a sudden change in your child’s bite or bruxism (grinding) causes extensive wear on their teeth, gums, or mouth.

What are the Signs Your Child Needs to See an Emergency Dentist?

The signs of a dental emergency in your child are:

  • Swollen, painful, or discolored gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Fever or chills
  • Difficulty swallowing (crying when eating)

If you notice any of these signs, visit a pediatric dentist near you and book an appointment immediately for proper treatment.

What are the Types of Dental Emergencies?

You’ll want to call the pediatric dentist in 29223 as soon as possible if your child has any of the following symptoms:

  • Toothache. The most common reason is an abscessed tooth or chip, which means too many bacteria inside the cavity. This can be caused by damage from decay or injury to a child’s teeth, like getting hit with a baseball bat or biting into something hard enough that it hurts them (like glass). If you suspect this is what your child has, call a pediatrician immediately so they can check it out!
  • Knocked-out tooth. A knocked-out tooth occurs when part of an adult tooth falls out during chewing and gets lodged in the mouth; this results in swelling around where it was lost due to inflammation caused by bleeding gums and swelling jaw tissue due to trauma from being knocked down onto other bones nearby.
  • Dental injury. If your child has a dental injury, they should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible to assess the damage and determine what needs to be done. A tooth injury may be caused by: a fall on the playground or sports field, trauma from a car accident or motorbike crash, or an accident at school.
  • Infection. This can occur when the teeth are not properly cleaned and disinfected. The infection will spread to other areas of your child’s mouth, including their teeth and sinuses.
  • Tooth decay. This is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and can lead to toothache, loss of teeth, and even tooth loss. The treatment includes a filling (to stop the decay process), a crown (to strengthen your smile), or root canal therapy (which involves taking out part of your tooth).
  • Bleeding gums. They can be caused by injury, infection, or even a toothache. Bleeding gums can be treated at home with over-the-counter products, but if it doesn’t stop after several days of treatment, it’s best to see a pediatric dentist as soon as possible. If your child has bleeding gums that aren’t stopping after several days of home treatment, you visit a pediatric dentist in Colombia immediately!
  • A swollen jaw can be caused by several things, including infections and trauma. If your child’s swollen jaw is accompanied by other symptoms (such as pain or fever), it may indicate an abscess in their mouth. A swollen jaw may also be caused by traumatic injury to your child’s teeth or gums.
  • Teeth abscess. When a tooth becomes infected, the swelling and pain can be so severe that it’s difficult for your child to eat or drink. Your child might also have a fever, sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks, bad breath, or mouth ulcers. Visit a pediatric dental clinic in Columbia immediately if you suspect your child has an abscessed tooth. If you have dental insurance through work or school (or another source), ask if they offer coverage for these emergencies before paying out-of-pocket expenses later on down the road!

What are the Treatment Options for Dental Emergencies?

There are a few different treatment options for dental emergencies, depending on the severity of the emergency. If you have a tooth knocked out, you will need to see Dr. Amy Ellis Green immediately. The dentist will try to replant the tooth, but if it is impossible, they will give you a false tooth.

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