What Are the Functions & Use of Space Maintainers for Teeth?

What Are the Functions & Use of Space Maintainers for Teeth?

Feb 09, 2022

Orthodontic appliances called space maintainers are routinely used in pediatric dentistry. The primary function of space maintainers is managing premature baby tooth loss. In addition, space maintainers help prevent malocclusion, overcrowding, and other problems with children’s teeth.

If your child loses a tooth prematurely and you take your child to an emergency pediatric near you, the dental professional will likely recommend you have your child fitted with space maintainers to ensure the vacant gap is not occupied by the remaining teeth in the child’s mouth.

You may think your child is too young to receive orthodontic appliances in their mouth because their baby teeth are expected to fall off anyway. Unfortunately, you are committing a grave error because if you don’t invest in a space maintainer right away, you fall prey to considerable expenses to correct orthodontic issues in the child’s mouth later.

Functions of Space Maintainers

As described earlier, the primary function of space maintainers is to hold space for permanent teeth to emerge. Premature loss of baby teeth results in abnormal development of the upper and lower jaws. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the shedding of baby teeth and the eruption of permanent teeth known as the mixed dentition phase because misalignment of teeth has a higher chance of occurring during this process. It is why the pediatric dental clinic in Colombia recommends space maintainers for children to deal with the problem of premature tooth loss.

How to Use Space Maintainers?

The location of tooth loss determines whether your child needs or can be without space maintainers. Children losing incisors due to mouth-related habits such as pacifier use and thumbsucking may not need maintainers for loss of primary incisors. If they lose primary first molars, space maintainers may or may not be required. The dentist must identify whether the primary first molar and the permanent lateral incisor have erupted. If the teeth have been interrupted, it is a cause for concern needing space maintainers to correct the problem. In such cases, space maintainers in Colombia, SC provide a band and loop space maintainer as a fixed appliance to maintain space on just one side of the mouth.

Band and loop maintainers are fixed unilateral appliances positioned on one side of the mouth to maintain the space needed after your child loses their primary first molars. The permanent first molar must have erupted when fixing a band and loop maintainer. The appliance is cheap and easy to manufacture but needs upkeep to keep the space correctly. Therefore, your child’s pediatric dentist and the type of maintainer provided determine its usage.

There are different types of space maintainers, and the user determines which kind of orthodontic appliance your child needs and the location of the tooth loss. Dr. Julie Wehman, the pediatric dentist, may even provide removable partial dentures to maintain space after premature baby tooth loss. The appliance resembles a lingual arch with artificial teeth attached.

Removable partial dentures become essential if one or more tooth is missing on both sides of the mouth. They are also placed for aesthetic purposes instead of preventing space loss if front teeth are missing.

What Happens If You Ignore the Need for Space Maintainers for Children?

You have the discretion to ignore the need for space maintainers for children. However, you must prepare yourself to endure repeated visits to pediatric dentists with your child complaining about tooth pain and gum disease because of their malformed teeth. In addition, correcting malocclusion or crowded teeth requires orthodontic treatment with braces costing you thousands of dollars and repeated visits to orthodontists to tighten and adjust the braces.

Ignoring space maintainers when needed exposes you to considerable expenditure while your child has to endure the problem of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Instead of falling prey to unnecessary complications, don’t you think you benefit significantly by making a minor investment in space maintainers to prevent unnecessary trouble later? After reading this article, we are confident you will consider space maintainers beneficial and provide them with your child if they lose their teeth prematurely.

If your child confronts a problem with missing teeth and the dentist in Colombia recommends space maintainers, do not waste time until your child begins developing problems. Instead, please schedule an appointment with We Care Dental, SC, to get your child the affordable orthodontic appliance they need.