Four Things to Consider for Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Four Things to Consider for Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Mar 17, 2020

According to the American Pediatric Dental Association, babies should have their first dental visit when the tooth emerges or before they turn one. Most parents know the importance of the first pediatric dental visit, but only a fraction of them actively seek these dental services. Remember, the child’s teeth form during conception, but emerge at six or seven months. This means cavity and other dental problems can develop way before the teeth come out. Here are four things to consider before your first dental appointment:

1. Pay Attention to the Type of Dentist

Yes, you may have a family dentist, but the ADA advises you to take your child to a pediatric dentist. The family dentists are trained to treat and diagnoses dental problems regardless of age; however, they spend a majority of time with adult issues. Pediatric dentists are licensed to treat, prevent, and diagnose dental issues from infancy all through adolescence.

Furthermore, they are skilled in handling the behavioral and psychological needs of the children and keep them calm. Plus, the chosen décor is relaxing and kid-friendly. A pediatric dentist plays an important role and may serve your child until they are young adults. Therefore, take time to choose a kid’s dentist who is skilled and can create a relationship with your child.

2. What Dental Topics Can You Discuss with the Dentist?

Part of the first kid’s appointment is to discuss with the dentist the pressing issues about your child’s dental health. Some of the topics that Dr. Robert H Ellis will talk about include:

  • Teething is a time of significant discomfort for the child. Easing the pain and pressure off the gums is paramount, and you can do this using a wet cloth or a teething toy.
  • Fluoride treatments are essential as it replenishes the lost mineral and prevents dental cavities.
  • Developmental dental milestones such as teething and loss of baby teeth
  • Diet and hygiene practices to establish and maintain at home. The dentist will also teach the children the proper brushing techniques that can prevent plaque buildup.
  • The preventive dentistry such as dental crowns are suitable for primary teeth
  • Any other pediatric dental problem

3. Is Your Child Calm and Relaxed Before the Dental Appointment?

The initial pediatric dental visit is vital, and the child needs to be calm and relaxed. Ensure the child is fed and changed because discomfort can cause irritability and fussiness. Also, schedule an appointment when the child is awake and active. You can bring with you toys and relaxing games to keep them engaged and relaxed.

4. Are You Prepared for the Visit?

Have all the information relating to your child’s medical history, dental health development, and medical, dental insurance cover. Also, be honest with the dentist if you have any dental anxieties and phobia. Remember, children can sense if you are anxious, and it can make them fearful and uncomfortable.

What to Expect on the Pediatric Dental Visit?

The appointment will be short, lasting a couple of minutes, but it’s essential. The dentist will request you to stay outside the dental office for them to create a relationship. Next, the dentist checks the gums and clean them of any buildup.

It’s essential to bring your child for dental exams and evaluations every six months or as advised by the dentist.

How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth?

Primary teeth are critical in your child’s dental health. Not only do they preserve the dental structure, but they are placeholders for the permanent teeth. Any premature loss of teeth may lead to abnormal teeth development creating the need for orthodontic treatment later in life. Protecting these teeth is essential, and we have different preventive measures such as dental crowns and fluoride treatment. Also, give your child healthy foods that can boost the proper development of teeth and bones.

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