General Dentistry in Columbia, SC

At the office of Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins, we care about our patients’ oral health and wellness and thus offer a broad range of treatments to create beautiful, healthy smiles. These include cosmetic, restorative, and preventive procedures.


Cosmetic treatments are ones that change the appearance of the smile without affecting how you eat, drink, and speak. These are often done to change something physical that bothers a patient. Some of our most popular offerings include the following.

Opalescence® ― At-Home Tooth Whitening
This take-home treatment whitens the enamel of your teeth through the use of a safe peroxide solution. Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins provide detailed instructions to help you avoid touching your gums and to get the best results from treatment. At-home tooth whitening produces immediate effects and can be used over a week or longer to achieve your desired results.

Porcelain Bridges
Missing teeth is a common problem and is one that comes with numerous potential health issues. Losing teeth changes how you bite and chew, and can lead to serious conditions like dental decay and facial collapse. To avoid this problem, we create custom porcelain bridges to replace missing teeth with a synthetic appliance that replicates your natural smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings
Are you annoyed with the appearance of your teeth? Do you suffer from tooth decay and damage? If you answered yes, then you could be a candidate for our composite resin fillings. The fillings match the natural shade of your teeth and are used to restore the damage and improve oral function. Because the resin looks like the rest of your smile, no one will know you had work done to achieve the smile of your dreams.


Restorative treatments repair the damage done to the teeth and soft tissues. They are often done after preventive treatments failed, or when someone suffers from poor oral health and hygiene.

The dental implant is a synthetic tooth made of two parts: a durable titanium root and a composite resin or porcelain crown. The implant replaces a missing tooth and is installed in the jawbone, so it does not move and acts like normal.

There are numerous benefits to dental implants. They are capable of the following:

  • Promote bone retention
  • Eliminate slipping, loose, wobbly dentures
  • Don’t require support from healthy teeth
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Look, feel, and function like natural teeth

Full and Partial Dentures
Dentures are a type of dental appliance that replaces missing natural teeth with synthetic ones that can be removed and cleaned as needed. Our office can create full or partial models that help you recover your confidence and smile with no trouble.

A crown is a ‘cap’ for a damaged tooth. At the office of Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins, we made beautiful porcelain and composite resin crowns that repair damage and create a brand new smile.

If you have lost one or multiple teeth, it can leave a noticeable gap in your smile that can lead to potential health problems. Gradually, your bite pressure will shift, your remaining teeth can move, and your jawbone can start to thin.

We resolve these issues by creating custom bridges that fill the gap and help you maintain proper oral health.

Sometimes a portion of a tooth needs to be removed to maintain the health of the structure. When this happens, our office can make a custom inlay or onlay to repair the damage and give you a beautiful, complete tooth.

Anterior Root Canal
A root canal is an endodontic treatment where our dentist removes infected tissue from the interior of one of your teeth. This alleviates pain and prevents the infection from spreading to the rest of your mouth.


The majority of preventive treatments are classified as general dentistry. These procedures are done to keep your smile healthy and strong, so you can avoid more serious dental conditions caused by damage and decay. We have many offerings, including:

We also use some of the latest technology in the field, including digital x-rays. These digital x-rays are safer than traditional ones because they use less radiation. They are also more effective and create 3D images of your teeth so our dentists can better recommend and prescribe treatment.