Full & Partial Dentures in Columbia, SC

Full & partial dentures are an effective treatment option for patients who are missing any number of teeth. At We Care Dental, our dentists specialize in restoring smiles through our extensive cosmetic treatments and procedures.

If you are ready to explore your options for a healthier smile, contact our office today so we can discuss the best treatment plan for your needs. Drs. Ellis, Green, and Jenkins will be happy to examine your teeth and help you restore your smile to its natural beauty.

What Is It?

Patients who are missing teeth may find full & partial dentures to be the answer to their troubles. Full dentures are sometimes needed for patients who are missing entire rows of teeth, whether on the top, bottom, or both.

Partial dentures are ideal for patients who are only missing a single tooth or a few here and there. Regardless of which treatment is needed, you can look forward to full & partial dentures restoring your smile and your quality of life.

Many patients report being able to speak more clearly and eat foods more comfortably. Thanks to dentures, you may also benefit from fuller facial features. Oftentimes, patients who have lived with missing teeth for many years may notice a loss in their facial structure. Dentures serve to restore those features while preventing further loss.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment for full & partial dentures usually takes between three weeks and three months, depending on the health of your teeth. In some cases, a patient might need additional dental work to ensure that their mouth is ready to accept new dentures.

When you come in for treatment, our dentists will make a special mold of your mouth and teeth. This is sent to a technician who then uses the mold to carefully craft your new dentures. Our dentists will ensure that your replacement teeth fit comfortably.

If you are ready to transform your smile with full or partial dentures, call We Care Dental today to schedule a consultation with our caring dentists. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon!